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Men Sensuality: It Broods and Sulks

Today I was asked on a blog, “what is men sensuality according to you?” 

It is a tough question. Being male and a stumbling, (neu)erotic writer may qualify me to give some insight, but I am no expert. It is like asking a bank robber his opinion on bank security.

The first problem is in the question. Men and the word “sensuality” go together like fish scales and ice cream. Honestly using the term “sensuality” to describe my sensuality makes me squirm. Still I tried my best to answer the question. What follows below is what I came up with. The blogger who asked probably now has more questions than answers. Like I said, I am no bank robber. Leave some feedback if you are not in a hurry.

What is men sensuality?

Men sensuality has it’s own language, even a man doesn’t understand.
It is a rose that does not have enough sun to bloom.
It broods and sulks.
It is wasted dreams
or “a longing,” as an artist would call it.

Men sensuality is the splintered edge of plywood.
It doesn’t make sense.
It is all wrong.

Sensuality is wanting each time to be like the first time.
Fresh tracks in snow.
Sensuality is pretending everything is ok,
though you have the rage of angels.

You say sensuality is about sex.
I say an eagle roughly puling the guts out of a fish knows nothing.
Sensuality is like this.
It has nothing to do with sex.

You say sensuality is about slithering, hard, hot sex.
I say sensuality is about how someone’s eyes
can go down through your normal way of being.

You say sensuality is about exact measure, exact pressure, exact and controlled passion.
I say sensuality comes in like a burning house that traps the people who live there.

You say sensuality is planned sexual intent.
I say sensuality shines like gold in an eagles mouth- it is capable of anything.

Please visit http://azureboone.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/being-sensual/ where the original question on men sensuality came up.

Please note: No eagles were hurt in the making of this post.


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13 thoughts on “Men Sensuality: It Broods and Sulks

  1. Hi, Azure pointed me toward your blog when she and I were discussing the whole “Male Sensuality” topic.

    Like you, I’m no expert on male sensuality, especially considering I’m a woman :D, but I’d like to give my take on the subject.

    Sensual is literally of the senses. Most men I’ve observed are unconsciously sensual. They savor the taste of a perfect steak or a good beer. They stroke the downy silk of their child’s hair or a puppy’s ears. They find particular sounds soothing, arousing, infuriating. They appreciate the scent of a woman’s perfume, freshly cut hay, or motor grease. They devour the sight of a beautiful woman, a classic muscle car in cherry condition, or a horse in full gallop. And most do all those things without even noticing.

    I find men to be highly sensual creatures. They believe and know what they can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. That’s tangible, solid – not some ethereal thing that can’t be grasped. And sex is all about the senses.

    You imply that sensuality is more about instinct, and about possibility, with your eagles, and those concepts are closely related to sex as well. Sex is an instinctive drive, and the senses precipitate it, and contribute to it. At its most basic, sex is also about the possibility of new life.

    Many men probably are uncomfortable with the word “sensuality” because it has somehow become perceived as a more feminine trait than masculine, but that doesn’t make them any less sensual.

    • azureboone on said:

      Wow, my concept of sensuality has surely expanded with such in depth responses. This is perfect for the writer within us.

    • Kenra, Very well said, you said it better than me.

      I am am glad you got it, what I was trying to say in my post, because I am not sure if I understand it.

      When I write I trust my instincts- I agree that within instinct is where sensuality likes to stop and have a cocktail. Relying on instincts when choosing words can result in the sentences not making literal sense. I do this when I am reaching towards something new or breaking through preconceived notions.

      I don’t trust my small brain to understand what my gut wants to say. There isn’t anything I can say with any certainty I truly understand (2+2 may not = 4).

      You’ve also broaden my own take on the subject. To understand men sensuality, we have to somewhat disconnect all that we’ve come to accept as being sensual. This is something azureb had pointed out on her blog.

      Sensuality is a term.

      Sensuality is a concept.

      A man’s sensuality produces a very different sound from a women’s sensuality (the sound of a diesel engine vs the sound of water).

      Sensuality is a jumble of ten letters swirled into one word where women are at the center of the meaning. Men are more on the periphery of the word, at the edges, but very much in the center of their own soul of the soul.

      When sensuality is not constrained by subjectivity, it is infinite energy.

      • Thanks, Rowen – I’m glad you got what I was trying to say. I, too, trust my instincts for word choice, but not always my understanding. Love, romance, sex, instinct, lust, etc, are all very complex, as well as subjective, and each new facet of understanding of them is an incredible gift.

        I believe that comparing notes/exchanging ideas about these topics is vital for romance authors to offer readers as fulfilling an emotional experience as possible. It expands all our understanding, and makes us better at expressing our thoughts on the topics.

      • azureboone on said:

        Now see? The idea of Rowan going work on a diesel truck– shirtless– after discussing MASCULINE SENSUALITY (rub it in, rub it in)….I mean is it me, Kenra? Or is that not the killer combo? Now we need to discuss what men do that WOMEN find sensual on an intellectual/spiritual level. I’d have to say doing anything masculine while being in touch with his intellectual is sexy sensual. Hell, even chopping wood with glasses!

    • You, I, and azureb could collaborate to write a book on the subject.

      • azureboone on said:

        hmmm, now that WOULD be interesting. Rowan, you could be responsible for explaining the un-explainable parts of sensuality. I think Rowan may be more in touch with his spiritual sensuality more than anything! Which is hawt all by itself!

  2. I have to go now and chop some wood then work on my diesel truck, shirtless of course.

    • LMAO – harsh blow to the testosterone that it is, Azure seems to be on to something there, Rowen. Few people have any grasp of how their SENSUALITY relates to the spiritual. Yep, I CAP-LOCKd that horrible “S” word, just for the hell of it, LOL.

      /picking on Rowen

      Seriously, I think she’s hit the nail on the head. Tying the physical world, that of sensuality, to the spiritual world, is something perhaps we all should aspire to. Few traits are as attractive in a person as self-awareness. Or, as Azure says, it’s hawt all by itself!

  3. When you say “spiritual side” I read “sensitive side.”

    Don’t hold it against me that I like morning tea, slow trains, and trucks equally as much as poetry.

    I have self-awareness, but I try not to entertain the idea. My spirituality could fade silently as a cliff erodes into the sea and I wouldn’t complain.

    I have to go now and do an open heart surgery. I will be thinking about sensuality and spirituality. It could be my heart on the gurney.

  4. Men need to be tough, strong, brutal, honest, hunters, protectors. Not much room to be sensual. That is for the weak.

    • azureboone on said:

      That’s why I still think sensual is displayed in the touch. It’s man’s ability to “control” his body and mind, that exact measure, that calculated, channeled power. It’s harnessing the brute. It’s about being able to do things softly, slowly, savoringly, carefully, tenderly, despite their brute strength. I guess I’m describing self control as well. That’s why self control in sex is so sensual to me. The man is savoring, enjoying, prolonging the pleasure, by using exact measure, by pulling back, by going slow, being soft, building it up instead of BANG. Although bang is nice at the right time 🙂

      My husband is a very rough man, physically. Did you know he doesn’t have a blinker? He slapped that off the first week he got the vehicle. (I’m kidding, but I’m shocked it hasn’t happened)

      Here’s a wise saying: True strength is knowing your weaknesses is part of what makes you so strong. (okay, you can laugh now)

  5. Hello, I have nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. See here: http://egointhesea.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/my-first-blog-award-d/

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