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The “back of the book” description of my new novel- Give me liberty or give me death,

rowan starr, give me liberty or give me death romantic erotic fictionThanks for everyone that has visited my wordpress site. Over the last day I finished writing the description of my new erotic fiction. Here is it:

“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” tells the story of a complicated love affair between a suicidal first year college student, Owen Sweet, and one of his married professors, Mrs Medu.  Owen’s lofty and naive goal is to be the best writer the world has ever seen and the pursuit of this goal is the only thing keeping him alive. He turns to Mrs. Jane Medu who is a well-known poet and writer-in-residence at the college he is attending. Over the course of a year, his infatuation for her turns to love and she slowly warms to his introverted personality by first becoming his mentor, later his muse, and eventually his lover.

Mrs Medu has her own secrets and Owen helps her consolidate her troubling past with the present, including making sense of some of the awful things that happened to her while a patient in a psychiatric hospital. The shame of cheating on her husband combined with reliving past events proves to be too much for Mrs Medu and we witness, through Owen Sweet’s eyes, her cathartic conversion to Islam in a final attempt at redemption.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Part 1, is the first part of a 12 part first novel written by Rowen Starr. Each part of the novel correspondences to a month in the lives of the characters. Part 1, covers everything that happens in September, the beginning of the academic year and follows Owen as he meets Mrs Medu for the first time and his transition from high school nerd to college intellectual.


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